LOTRO Gold players are perfectly "fine" using whatever mount you want.


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We have come a long way since the days of SoA and MoM indeed, and our mount panels are filling up with various mounts. Horses from all over the place, goats in many colers and shapes and who knows what tomorrow brings, a couple of new mounts from? My concern is that even though LOTRO Gold players are perfectly "fine" using whatever mount you want, there are some obvious advantages to using one of those with the higher stats, and for good reason, you actually have to "grind" a bit to get hold of them, but it also means that a lot of very nice mount models don't get used even though we may have preferred.Now as I see things, I would think that most of the "abillity" to withstand hits in combat while mounted must be down to the rider rather than the actual mount, ok the speed may not be but to a certain point the rider also determines the speed of the mount, so how about we suggest some changes to the riding in general like the following.