Personalizing LOTRO – A Personal Perspective

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When I first started playing LOTRO Gold one of the things that I appreciated was the efforts made to create a realm within a game that lent itself to the true vision of the original creator of Middle Earth, JRR Tolkien. Over the time I’ve played the game I have found nowhere else the beauty and imagery that exists in the game. The light as it plays on the landscapes, the clouds in the sky and the reflection of images as well as stars in water all lend themselves to buy LOTRO Gold a very realistic world. Now you may say there are so many other games out there, and you would be right but, in my humble opinion, none of them reach the level of sophistication that Lord Of The Rings Gold achieves. With that said it, I think it’s safe to say that LOTTO is and may be one of the most Mature oriented games in the virtual universe of MMOG’s.

I’m not new to gaming and have been a gamer for a great part of my life, I’ve played many types of games but I find that LOTRO has touched a part of me that no game has been able to do. Perhaps it is the love of LOTR that has lent itself to this phenomenon. I see through out the game many people within the LOTRO community that have the same feeling. Sure you have the hard core gamers that are in it for the sport the scores the leveling up and the battles, but in LOTRO I see much more than that. Some people may not agree with me and say, dude, it’s just a game. Well perhaps that’s true, but isn’t life just a game, the only difference is when you die in real life, you don’t come back.

The other day my eleven year old son and I were playing LOTRO together, on the hill just outside of Esteldin we stopped, we were on our mounts, I stopped and looked across the valley of the North Downs, I chated to him “I sure love Middle Earth” and he responded “I know what you mean”. Now I may be an old softy but where most dads would be out throwing a football with their kid or hitting a few baseballs, I realized my son and I were sharing a special moment in a special place that most people don’t get to see. Only those select people who have dared to venture in to the game of LOTRO may understand this. What a gift this was for me to share something it with my son.

LOTRO is just a game, but for so many it is a personal experience, a realm of reality that touches the soul and a place where many of us see the conflict that Tolkien presented so long ago in his books. Some of choose to fight on the side of the Free People and some the side of the Dark Lord, but all of us share something even those who just see a game are touched by it. LOTRO is a personal thing for all of us.

So, when I arrived to work this morning the sounds of Rohan rang in my head and the battle for freedom was in my heart. The instances I have found in LOTRO many like “We Cannot Get Out” and many others that left me in tears or the battles fought like the one with the Thane of Cliving bringing a victorious feeling when we won the battle, all of them have left me with a feeling of wanting more.