Outside LOTRO: The Hobbit Kingdoms of Middle-earth


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This week I want to tell you all about a free mobile Lord of the Rings based game that I downloaded to my iPad and then forced my Dum Leader, Hoppy to play with me so you’d get information from someone who is a better player than myself.

The game is called The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth and it is available on iOS and Google Play as a free download.

The basic premise of this game is a strategy game. You are building a city, upgrading it, building armies and can send out armies to attack other cities while making sure your city at home is well fortified enough to withstand it’s own attacks.

There are micro transaction dealies in game you can purchase to make things like waiting times shorten or production increase or strengthen your army. None of this should be a new concept to our LOTRO playing audience.

I’ve had this game installed for about two weeks now with me casually stopping in to check on things and try to play it and I’m ready to share my thoughts.